New EU security regulations for carry on baggage.

New security regulations apply effective November 6, 2006, for carry-on baggage on flights departing EU airports - regardless of the destination. The new regulations restrict the amount of liquids that you can take through security checkpoints and maximum size of carry-on baggage.

These are the specific new regulations:
  • Liquids or comparable items of similar consistency such as gels, aerosols, lotions, creams or toothpaste may only be carried by travelers in small quantities and in small containers. The maximum size of a container is limited to 100 ml.
  • The containers must be placed and transported in a clear plastic, zip lock bag having a maximum volume of 1 liter. Only one bag is permitted per passenger. This bag must be removed from the carry-on baggage and presented to security personnel at the checkpoint for separate X-raying.
  • Medications and special dietary requirement, including baby formula, are permitted in carry-on baggage if needed on board. These must be removed from the carry-on baggage and declared to security personnel at the checkpoint.
  • The traveler may take Duty Free items through the security checkpoint which he/she has purchased on the day of the flight in a shop after the boarding card checkpoint at an EU airport or on board an aircraft of an EU airline. These items must be packed in a clear plastic bag which has been sealed by shop personnel after paying. The sales slip with date and location of the purchase must be inside the bag and capable of being checked (read) without having to open the bag.
  • Flights to the US and to UK are still subject to specific regulations.
  • The size of carry-on baggage is limited to 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm.

This regulation does not become legally binding until May 6, 2007.

By Carlson Wagonlit Travel

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